Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Windows Vista display question?

I want my desktop to go back to the transparent, but I dont know how to set it back that way. I tried going into display and changing themes and its now there. Then I tried to click browse but it shows the desktop and I have no idea where that them is. I believe its called Aero Vista or something like that.

ThanksWindows Vista display question?
try enabling Aero by going to Personalize (right click on desktop or control panel) %26gt; Window Colour and Appearance and selecting aero from the listWindows Vista display question?
try restoring... back to a time when your desktop was transparent..

How do you get the default theme back on a Vista?

I was surfing the web the other day and my theme changed to Windows Vista Basic, but I prefere the default setting. Ive tried looking through the themes to put it back, but its not there. How do I get it back to the default setting?How do you get the default theme back on a Vista?
go to the start menu on the right hand column it says Default Programs

Personalised ipod~ how does one change its backgrounds?

my friend's ipod nano (3rd gen) is personalised with her own backgrounds and themes. I really want to do this on my ipod but how does this work? does it involve hacking or do you need to download a special program? I've heard of but it doesn't want to work on my computer.

I'm not that interested in changing complicated themes etc, i'd just like to replace the white menu backgrounds with something a bit less plain =)Personalised ipod~ how does one change its backgrounds?
Check this site out its ipod everything

Can't right click desktop!?

I recently installed on vista a programme to make it easier to change themes ( ) and used it to hide the recycle bin on my desktop . but it wouldn't work properly because I has windows aero installed. so I uninstalled the vista-master programme, but now I can't right click on my desktop, I can do everything else. I don't know how to fix it and it's driving me mad!

Also since then every so often my desktop background just disapears.

Anyone any ideas how to fix it?Can't right click desktop!?
if you acquire DRAM it will reset

Problem 360 changing theme back?

I have changed my 360 theme from ';Dark Night'; initially into ';Custom'; and now whenever I try to change it back to ';Dark Night'; it changes back into ';Custom'; whenever I post a blog entry. Why is that and how can I fix it? I've tried clearing my cookies, my temp internet files, cache, everything, nothing works... Please tell me what's wrong, whenever I post something the theme reverts back to ';Custom';. Thank you.Problem 360 changing theme back?
go to 360

click ';change theme';

click ';dark night'; theme

click ';apply theme'; upper right or bottom right

click refresh

goodluck ^_^Problem 360 changing theme back?
sounds like you found a yahoo bug! i would report it to the 360 team asap
yep, sounds like a glitch... they come and go... often if you just wait till the next time you sign on... it all works fine again. Relax, follow the instructions, and see if it still acts crazy tomorrow. Report it to 360 team, if you must, but I have never gotten a response from any Yahoo! help. That's why they created this Answers... so that they were not inundated with peoples request for help. good luck
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  • Vista 4GB down to 3GB problem?

    Last night vista crashed on me, due to me trying to change themes using 'vista glazz' (which i wont use again) i installed vista again from scratch last night, but when i open up 'My Computer' (Windows + E) it says i only have 2.93GB RAM. i opened up my computer to check if the cards are damaged. I found that none were damaged but i was told that i have to change the RAM settings in 'BIOS' but i dont know how to my motherboard is 'ASUS PB5' PCI-E x16.

    Could anyone give me instructions or help/ advice?

    Thanks :DVista 4GB down to 3GB problem?
    Vista 32bit or 64bit ? The Facts and Only The Facts:

    If a PC is installed with 4GB of system memory, the computer itself will register 4GB but Windows Vista/XP will not be able to recognize it all. It's nothing to fret over, this is a normal limitation with 32 bit operating systems. The operating system will report 3.5GB or so, but the ';missing memory'; (varies between 500MB-750MB) is there, reserved for hardware devices.

    In Microsoft Windows Vista it is called SuperFetch, and it reserves about 33-50% of system memory for this purpose. Essentially Windows Vista looks at how the computer user accesses application and data, and keeps the most often used applications and tasks loaded into cache memory. This makes loading applications quicker and is supposed to offer users a smoother ride. It does not take system memory away from the OS or applications, if memory demand his high SuperFetch will automatically adjust its size.

    Source belowVista 4GB down to 3GB problem?
    Please remove all RAM and individualy test each stick in your computer.

    Put in one reboot see if it is reconised.Remove then test another.Please make sure you power off the computer before removing your RAM.

    Power off computer and open her up either remove BIOS battery for two minutes or use the BIOS reset jumper(4 pins with plastic jumper on two of them)place jumper on other two pins for 2 minutes then replace on origonal ones.

    Or enter BIOS and load fail safe and defaults.

    On your post screen does it show full RAM?In BIOS does it show all RAM?

    Do you get any beep codes on startup?

    What is the setup for your RAM in BIOS?

    The issue is nothing to do with partitions.
    My understanding is that the 32 bit version of XP or Vista will only see 3gb (or in some cases 3.5gb) of ram. So my question to you would be, is it this the 32 bit version? Did you check how much ram was showing before you re-installed? Was the previous version of Vista 32bit or 64bit? Not sure this actually helps you, but it might explain the discrepancy.
    Did you delete the first partition,If you did not it will create another and make your capacity smaller

    How do i customize my psp?

    I want to customize my psp like changing themes,icons,battery bars,and bootscreens but i need to know how to do is any help pleaseHow do i customize my psp?
    here go to this website-

    u can download psp themes.

    make a folder saying themes.

    go on youtube to find out more-type in custom themes.

    happy new year!How do i customize my psp?
    um you can got to the first set of things on the home men. and then scroll down to change backgrounds and colors and different things like that as for batteries and stuff I have no idea what your looking or talking about but I hope you at least find out ow to change the colors and theme of the PSP which is all in the same section which i s the 1st one website is the best website for you theme customization.

    if your asking on changing your bootscreen and battery bars, better not... there is a high risk doing it even if you read and follow the guides on how to, and might end up your psp bricked.

    ive included this site just in case
    the only way to change all those things is if you have custom firmware.